List of 7 Simple Ways to Treat Depression

Treat depression
Treat depression

Ways to treat Depression

  1. Talk it out with Family or Friends/ Know that you are not alone
  2. Find a hobby
  3. Meditation
  4. Pet a Dog or a Cat
  5. Social media detox
  6. Gym or Fitness exercises
  7. Family trip

Talk to your Family or Friends/ Know that you're not alone

Treat depression
Treat depression

It is very important to not live in denial about needing help, and it is okay to ask for some.

When you feel depressed, it is not easy to share the burden with your friends and family. Because of a lot of stigmas attached, it almost feels impossible to talk about your problems.

Did you know, as of 2023, around 264 people around the world are affected by depression and around 970 million were living with a mental disorder, with anxiety and depressive disorders as the most common.

Finding a confidant and opening up to them can be the first step towards improving your mental health.

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Try to find a hobby

Treat depression
Treat depression

Try to find a hobby that just doesn’t keep your hands busy, but also keeps your mind occupied. Research suggests that distractions like these work wonder in keeping you happy.

Don’t have a hobby yet? You can find a list of hobbies here, which can be useful.


Treat depression
Treat depression

Meditation may sound like a fancy word and has gained a lot of attention these days. Meditation can help you purify your mind & soul, even if you are not a religious person.
Simple techniques like concentrating on your breathing for a few minutes can transform your complete day. One session of meditation is enough to make you feel at ease.

Worried about how to do meditation? You can check here: Tips on Meditation.

Pet a Dog

Treat depression
Treat depression

Animal-assisted therapy is a very popular idea in the west to treat depression. Petting a dog or a cat might add fun to your life.
Animals can provide a sense of calm, comfort, or safety and divert attention away from a stressful situation and toward one that provides pleasure.

Don’t know anything about Pets? Want to know more about dogs or cats, you can check here

Social Media Detox

Treat depression
Treat depression

Like, share, comment, subscribe, etc. have become influential parts of our lives. Even though we don’t realize it, most of us spend more time with our phones than people around us.
Social media detox is absolutely necessary every now and then. Detox in a way that allows you to spend more time with yourself & your family.

Not able to get away from Instagram or Facebook, click here to get tips for Social media detox.

Gym or Fitness exercises

Treat depression
Treat depression

Getting yourself to the gym or keeping yourself occupied with fitness exercises can liven up your life.

Check our Article on Fitness and weight loss, which might help you attain your goals.

Family trip

Many of us feel disconnected from our families because we don’t spend enough time with them to understand them.

Taking a vacation with your family might help you change your mood & you’ll get a chance to connect with them.

Key Takeaways: All the points mentioned above can help you up to a certain point. Although you may require a proper consultation from a health professional following our Treatment program can do wonders in case of mild depression.

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