Most frequent questions and answers

You can read our blogs to find more about the problems you are facing. Read about mental health illnesses, their causes, symptoms, etc. 
If you are suffering from any mental health problem, we will connect you to the right therapist.

GoodLives offer multiple types of therapy like art therapy, music therapy, talking therapy etc. If you do not have any specific preference GoodLives will map you to the right therapist.

No. We at GoodLives care about your privacy and keep all your data confidential. Everything you tell your therapist is between us and you. We do not share your information with any third party applications. To know more read our privacy policy.

Although GoodLives charges a minimum amount of fees to make the treatment accessible, But in case someone needs financial assistance to take therapy, you can write to us.

We understand your concerns regarding the therapist, but you can’t exclusively choose a therapist. Our continuously improving algorithm assigns an expert therapist based on your inputs and assessment results. The therapist that is assigned is best suited for input problems.

Great that you are asking informed questions. Yes, all of the therapists associated with our platform are highly qualified and experienced. You can check the therapist profile, educational qualifications and work experience in our experts section.

The therapy sessions are taken virtually. You will receive a meeting link along with detailed instructions once you complete booking a therapy session. We chose free virtual platforms which are easily accessible.

Yes, you can book more than one session at the same time. You can also apply discount coupons while booking more than one session. The session will however be divided in slots and will be taken at proper time intervals.

The sessions are generally 45-90 minutes in length. You will be informed about the exact session length once you have booked a session. The session can get extended upto 15 minutes if the therapist deems it fit.

No, you don’t have to pay the therapist once you’ve paid for the therapy session on GoodLives. If any therapist asks for something, please contact us immediately.