Postpartum depression: 5 uplifting ways to deal with it
Postpartum depression: 5 uplifting ways to deal with it

Can Therapy be taken online? Can we get the same result as traditional Counselling? What exactly happens in a therapy session?

To understand what online counselling is, we need to know what a traditional counseling session is all about.

In a traditional counselling session, one goes to the clinic/ hospital of the counselor/therapists for a face-to-face counselling/therapy session. Anyone facing any kind of mental health issues or in need of an emotional wellness, checkup should reach out. With the advent of technology, therapists can deliver their best even via digital channels. Should you reach out for an online counseling or online therapy session?

Online counselling or online therapy can be taken at any place and that makes it very much flexible according to a person’s comfort.

What is Online Counselling and how does it work?

As we are progressing, people are understanding the importance of mental health. The younger generation and even millennials consider going for a therapy session for a basic emotional wellness checkup.

Online counselling services are provided through the internet. With the increase in access to smartphones, it has become very convenient to seek help without making a fuss about it. Confidentiality and even anonymity can be maintained online.

It can be done either in real-time through video-conferencing and calls or in a delayed format like email messages.

Online therapy can be availed over the internet through:

  1. Internet-enabled calls
  2. Audio calls
  3. Video-conferencing Calls
  4. Email Assistance

Online counselling has become a popular mode of receiving therapy because of the ongoing pandemic. Anyone can easily have access to therapy while observing social distancing. It is the most convenient way for anyone seeking help.

Who needs Online Counselling?

Online counselling services are for everyone. Be it, teenagers, millennials, or older generations, anyone can avail of this. Counselling, in general, doesn’t require the consent of other people. You can also go through the Privacy Policies of various platforms to know more about your data storage and usage.

With the increasing competition and workload, stress levels are also raging. In addition to that, the pandemic has also taken a toll on our mental health, and meeting a therapist in person can be not possible for many reasons but online counseling provides you with that safe space to talk about your emotions over the internet.

According to studies, those who get message-based online therapy can achieve a 50% reduction in depression symptoms and a 57% reduction in anxiety symptoms after 4 months.

One might have the notion that online counseling is not effective as offline counseling. But if the treatment is regular, then many serious mental health concerns can be addressed with online therapy.

Some conditions that can be treated through availing therapy online are:

  1. Addiction
  2. Anger management
  3. Anxiety disorders
  4. Bipolar disorder
  5. Depression
  6. Eating disorders
  7. Interpersonal relationships
  8. Stress Management
  9. Family issues

and many more…

Online Couselling

1. Availability

With the ongoing pandemic, it can be difficult for people to visit therapists in person but with the help of online counseling services, anyone can have access to it in the comfort of their home.

Finding the right therapist is not easy. GoodLives can help you match to the right therapist from different parts of the country. It can also be useful for anyone from a different area seeking help to find suitable therapists who may not be available in their area.

Teenagers and kids also find it preferable to talk to a person over the internet as it has now become a part of their daily routines. This gives them a sense of familiarity while talking to the therapist.

2. Convenience

Receiving therapy online can be quite convenient. The patient and therapist can agree upon a time and have a hassle-free therapy session. This saves both of them from the extra labor of traveling and the traditional way of settling over a time for the session.

This also gives the therapists a larger client base and the patient the tool to reach out to the best therapists across the globe.

3. Affordable

A lot of therapists and patients find online therapy preferable because of the economical benefits that come with it. Therapists do not have to invest in getting a space for their clinic and other overhead costs involved and patients do not have to waste time waiting for their allotted time or paying extensively high transportation costs.

4. Confidentiality

Not many are comfortable disclosing their medical history to others. Traditional therapy has a reasonable number of chances that you can run into someone known at a therapist’s office but with online counseling services, there are no such issues. It lets you enjoy complete privacy.

How to find Online Therapists?

Don’t know if online therapy is for you? Or whether you will ever find the right therapists? GoodLives is here for you!

GoodLives maps you to the right therapists who can understand your mental state. We aim at helping you find the right guidance about keeping your mental health upright. The vision is to make mental health treatment “accessible” for one and all.

About Us

1. 1 on 1 Therapy

We offer therapy through Audio/Video calls & Emails. Get therapy sessions in the comfortable surroundings of your own home.

2. Multi-Lingual

We offer therapy in multiple languages. Our Therapists are experts in Hindi, English, Tamil, Assamese, and Urdu.

3. Confidential

We respect your privacy and promise not to share your data with anyone other than your health professional.

4. Types of Therapy

Different types of therapy are available music, expressive arts, and talk-based to help you heal when you can’t express things in words.

Take your step towards emotional well-being today and learn more about online counseling. Click here to reach out to us

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