Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts
Negative thoughts

Thoughts are something that we have no control over. Thoughts can come anytime from anywhere.

But the thing that we can control is what kind of thoughts we process in our minds and can stop others from dominating our minds for a long period of time.

Many times we do have thoughts that make us feel “scared”, “stressed”, and even “depressed”. All these kinds of thoughts are termed negative thoughts. According to the National Science Foundation, 80% of our thoughts are negative. Can we really control them?
Negative thoughts are something that can ruin our stable state of mind. One of the reasons for depression and anxiety among people could be negative thoughts that inculcate in the mind. Negative thoughts can influence the whole environment around a person. If they continuously come into the mind of a person then it needs to control. To overcome the negative thoughts, here are some implementations for everyone.

Implementations to Conquer Negative Thoughts

Breaking negative thought patterns is very important otherwise it can disturb our mental health. Here are some practices that can be implemented to get rid of them –

1. Identify Negative Thoughts

We all know when we are constantly thinking about thoughts that are not good for us. Consciously identifying such thoughts is very important to break the vicious circle of negativity.

2. Be strong

Negative thoughts
Negative thoughts

Strong always does not means to be physically strong, it also means to be mentally strong. One can learn to control his/her emotions and thoughts. We should be confident to protect our mental health from negative thoughts. Paying more attention to positive thoughts can be a good way to start. Instead of fearing the result of your actions, try to face them courageously and confidently.

3. Be around positive people

Negative thoughts
Negative thoughts

How we think, is also dependent on the people around us. If a person is around negative people, then they are more likely to find everything negative. On the other hand, if a person is encircled by positive people, then he/she thinks positively because those people always try to look at everything from a positive perspective. We should always surround ourselves with people who remain positive in every difficult situation and try to find the solution rather than thinking about negative results.

4. Meditate

“The goal of meditation isn’t to control our thoughts, it’s to stop letting them control us”.
We can’t control our thoughts to enter but we can stop them to dominate our thinking. Meditation helps us in clearing it revolving inside our minds.

To know how to practice meditation, check out the article-
How to meditate-ultimate guide for beginners (2021).

5. Put your mind to some work:

Negative thoughts
Negative thoughts

The old saying “an empty mind is the devil’s house” holds true today as well. Our mind has a tendency to wander. With nothing productive to do, negative thoughts inculcate in our minds as thoughts. We should keep ourselves busy with something. Hobbies are a great way to keep your mind occupied. Wondering what hobbies you can pursue? Check out here!

Even if having such thoughts is common, it’s important to deal with them positively. Cultivating a more optimistic and resilient mindset requires awareness-building, questioning illogical beliefs, mindfulness practice, support-seeking, and positive lifestyle choices.

These are some of the habits that we can inculcate in ourselves to overcome negative thoughts. But sometimes it gets difficult to break negative thought patterns. You can talk to a therapist today to help you deal with them!

If you are having difficulties in dealing with negative thoughts, talk to a therapist now!

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