Are Employee Wellness Programs needed?

employee wellness program
employee wellness program

We are living through volatile and uncertain times where stress and anxiety are inevitable. To sustain and survive in this cutthroat corporate race, employees often overlook their physical and mental well-being.

Stress and anxiety can make you feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, and unfocused, or cause trouble sleeping or sleeping too much. It can not only cause physical and mental problems but also emotional, cognitive, and behavioral implications.

Fast-paced lives and ever-increasing competition puts employees under a great deal of pressure. The problem gets compounded by the lack of good health and wellness programs at the workplace. Employees burn out at both ends with no institutional relief structures in place.

Is the Lack of Wellness Programs for Employees Alarming?

employee wellness program
employee wellness program

Research shows a direct correlation between mental & physical well-being.

+ A variety of reasons are responsible for low workplace morale and reduced employee productivity. Like job insecurity, the race for rewards and recognition, bullying or harassment at the workplace, and job dissatisfaction and work-life imbalance. Ignoring these issues can have adverse impacts on the employee’s work-life balance as well. In the long run, it can also harm the social and financial health of the organization.

+ The global economy registers a $1000 Tn loss because of mental health disorders every year. 43% reported employees in the corporate sector are suffering from depression or anxiety issues. Data suggest a four-fold return on investment for every $1 invested in mental health. Unaddressed stress and anxiety may result in depression and other health-related issues harming workplace environment health and productivity at large.

+ Employees’ healthy eating habits and physical activity at the workplace may improve their health physically. But there is an urgent need to take into account the health benefits of addressing mental health issues as well. Healthy competition and social bonding activities between team members at the workplace are just as crucial for a good working environment.

Counselling & Therapy are known to be quite effective tools in improving mental wellbeing. It helps with a variety of challenges most of us face like workplace pressure, anxiety, or depression. Employee wellness programs help a great deal in increasing productivity and help employees build resilient coping mechanisms.

Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs (Infographics)

employee wellness program
employee wellness program

+ Global statistics show 91% of employees feel motivated and focused at work if their companies prioritize workplace wellness. Where more than 60% of employees also switched to healthier lifestyle choices because of their company’s employee wellness program.

+ 56% of employees who engage in workplace wellness programs report fewer sick days as a result of the programs. It helped bring down employee absenteeism due to health-related issues by 27%. And kept them engaged and enticed to stay on. As well piqued the interest of potential applicants to come on board. Employers affirmed it also reduced their health insurance and health care costs.

+ United States CDC data of 2017 report finds that almost 50% of worksites offered some type of health promotion or wellness program. “It is encouraging to see a growing number of worksites developing and promoting a culture of health for employees.”

+ Implementation of workplace wellness programs in India shows a staggering 86% improvement concerning the emotional well-being of employees. A happier individual is a highly productive employee who contributes better to the company’s goals.

Workplace wellness India has provided a strong foundation to build healthier workplace relationships with more adhesive teams. Resulting in a more professional and employee-healthy environment and even reduced attrition rates, a win for both employers and employees.

How can we help with Employee Wellness?

GoodLives brings to you a concrete solution to address your employees’ health and help them inculcate healthy behaviors in their work environment. Our employee wellness program has features like Multimodal Support, webinars, workshops, mental health courses, evaluation tests, and In-depth Analytics.

employee wellness program
employee wellness program

+ Our services are accessible through all virtual channels like audio/video calls and emails. Multimodal support helps you start the conversation about mental health at your workplace. Also making it hassle-free from the resource crunch issues.

+ In Workshops, our best Psychologists will talk about health education and its benefits. And address the workplace issues like stress, burnout & productivity loss.

+ Workshops will improve team bonding and employee engagement through uniquely designed interactive Art & Music therapy.

+ Our mental health courses will provide you with a platform to educate your employees about mental health. With Instructor-led courses verified by certified Psychologists and Psychiatrists for corporates.

+ Our tailor-made Evaluation tests will determine the level of stress and other mental health-related risks among your employees. And will provide you with detailed health risk assessments of Employee wellness through quarterly reporting.

We at GoodLives aim to provide you with a customized employee wellness program built to address the pressing needs of your organization. In-depth Analytics will measure the pre and post insights data to gauge the impact of the wellness program.

Open and effective communication is the key to creating a productive corporate wellness program. At GoodLives we promise to give you a safe space to talk and express yourself. We work with the bottom line of improving both employee and workplace health.

Our 26-plus countries’ presence enables us to reach out to diverse communities and individuals. We are proud of a positive impact on more than 2 lakh lives globally. With around 5 lakh plus impressions so far on social media, we are looking for greater connectivity with our clients.

To know more about employee wellness, check out Hope Infinite, a series of conversations with top leaders of the corporate world here.

We first and foremost listen to you without asking for the standard sign-up procedure upfront. Our Employee Wellness Program provides you with 24*7 therapist support mapped to your requirements.

Diverse therapy forms like music and expressive art are prominently featured to improve self-understanding and emotional expression. Our employee wellness program provides you with a confidential platform with queer affirmative therapists.

Are you ready to take a step towards productivity and well-being? Drop us a mail at to subscribe to our newsletter.

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