Self Love

Practice self love
Practice self love

With the spiraling deadlines and the increasing stress factors, are you losing time to secure a few minutes to entertain self-love?

In this crowded world, pausing and introspecting about one’s likes and dislikes has become more important than ever before. Boosting self love in this speeding 21st century can be hard but not impossible, for sure. Over the years, the importance and awareness of self love has increased manifold which has also helped people to in a way come out of their stale shell of under-estimating their powerful and carefree selves.

Appreciating one’s beauty and acknowledging flaws are both equally important factors. If you are being overly critical of yourself then here are the top six ways to practice self-love:

1) Understand the true essence of the query, "How to love yourself first?"

It has always been easy to cater to others’ needs and wishes but to understand one’s own self is undoubtedly hard; very hard at times.

Initially, to exercise self love, one must entertain deep conversations with oneself like-

Try to learn about your hidden talents through various co-curricular activities

Try to converse before an act to boost your confidence and after the act as well to analyse the details of the earlier task

2) Do not peep into the world of comparisons

Try to inculcate the idea of learning to love yourself without any set measures and rules. Try to be comfortable about your relationship with your inner self without comparing it to the external snobbish world. Keep polishing your own self and redefine your own boundaries to achieve the best version of your beautiful self. Push yourself to attain new goals without over-tiring your tender body and mind.

3) Check out some new self techniques

Try to be your best critic by evaluating yourself regularly and thoroughly. Self-love techniques include brand-new self-love exercises. Self-love exercises can be the importance of the “emotional wellness quiz”, “writing beautiful letters to oneself” and the constant musings regarding the quizzes of “emotional worth”.

Practice self love
Practice self love

4) Start taking up hobbies you love

Go out to clear the tall weeds in the garden and plant green tender saplings and let them and yourself bask in the sun to bloom with inner peace. If you love cleaning your house, even tidying up the corners of your place is therapeutic and very satisfying.
Even traveling to new places can also pump up your inner self and foster self-love and happiness.

If you love reading books rather than venturing out in the rugged mountains, try out a new genre or a new writer of your favourite genre to un-mesh your inner likings in an even subtle manner.

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5) Filter out the right thoughts

Thoughts can never always be steeped with positivism and it is absolutely fine to have streaks of negativism in terms of natural anger and self-doubt. At this juncture of mixed thoughts, try to bring one’s own understanding and criticism regarding the decisions to expand your very own self-love workshop.

“The desire for a more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.” – The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson ( Buy on Amazon)

6) Additional self love tips

Try caring about one’s immediate surroundings to bring about happiness in one’s own life. Likewise, one can refrain from indulging in conversations with toxic people, stop piling up grudges against anyone – let it go, and work hard towards excellence but not with the goal of acquiring only trivial materialistic items.

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you! – Rupi Kaur

The recipes for practicing self-love undoubtedly vary from one individual to the other but the inherent idea of supporting oneself through all ordeals remains the same. With people in various pockets of the world with different workspaces, their methods of brewing self-love extend from emotional commitment to indulging in fun activities which cheer up the inner self.

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