depression in men
depression in men

Depression in men is quite unheard of as they find it very difficult to speak up about the issues and burdens they are facing. As they are always expected to be “strong” and should not “give in” to emotions easily, they carry on with the unspeakable trauma throughout their lives.

Be “Man-Enough” to deal with your problems on your own. Don’t cry like girls and other such statements have put men in cages of confined emotions.

Men are expected to be strong and not displaying emotions becomes an indispensable part of their lives as they grow up. In reality, they suffer from equal trauma when it comes to depression.

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The flustered state of conflict between the mind and emotions leads to severe problems. We need to understand that it is absolutely okay to be more human and seek help for depression, even for men.

The first step towards understanding your mental well-being begins with acknowledging deeper feelings.

Did you know, depression can be cured without clinical help? check here for 7 ways to Tackle Depression. In 2022, 33% of males and 31% of women reported having depression.

It has become the major cause of DALY (Disability-adjusted life years). Or the leading cause of the total number of years lost due to ill health and disability is depression in men.

It is second to ischemic heart disease. Did you know, Men are twice as likely as women to commit suicide? And the number of suicides in men has increased over the past 26 years. Men tend to rely on excess alcohol and display anger & become violent toward others.

Causes of Depression in Men

    1. The pressure at the workplace
    2. Breakups
    3. Job Loss
    4. Inability to meet life goals
    5. Incapacity to manage Work-life balance
    6. Poor health
    7. Loss in business
    8. Excessive loans or borrowings

The causes may seem “too trivial” to adults but the resulting trauma is multi-fold.

Although, Signs and symptoms in men are different.

Signs are observed by other people whereas symptoms can be felt only by the person having it.

Did you know, 1 out of 10 women in India suffer from Depression? click here to see why Women suffer more.

Signs in men are usually similar to signs of depression in women but symptoms are usually different.

Signs of depression in Men

    1. You may become more and more silent or show excessive anger
    2. You tend to ignore people in your family and friends
    3. You might feel lost in your world unaware of the surroundings
    4. Over or no sleep

If you are seeing any of the above signs you should talk it out with your family.

The issue may seem negligible or may not seem worth discussing as of now but it could result in a life-changing event I meant negatively.

Did you know, Over 40,000 teenagers committed suicide in the last 5 years in India? Click here to see 9 causes of Depression in Teenagers & Students.

If someone in your family or neighborhood shows the following symptoms, try to talk to them and see if they need advice from a health professional.

Symptoms of depression in Men

    1. You may feel irritated every time
    2. Loss of interest in everyday routine
    3. You may lose the desire for sex
    4. You might lose your appetite
    5. You may prefer to avoid Social interaction
    6. Thoughts of self-harm may occur
    7. Wanting to escape current realities
    8. Irregular sleep may make you sleep-deprived
    9. The feeling of sadness throughout the day
    10. You are becoming angry

Remember: It is not simple as saying, “this shall too pass”, or “it is just a phase”. Seeking help for mental health issues is very much similar to seeing a doctor for physical illnesses.

The symptoms might not look dangerous in isolation but can result lead to deep mental trauma or in the worst case self-harm or suicide if not treated properly.

Invest your time listening to your favourite playlists, making your favourite dish, and practising your old hobbies. Give yourself a break from your daily schedules.

Listen to our Mental Wellness Podcast here.


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